Three times you woke during the night, with three dreams that left your view upon realising your camera eye presence. Now the nose runs and the head aches again, defined by a dullness of vision. You are left with a drifting, abandoned ship. You are left with perpetually cold hands, whatever the weather. You are left with numerous unfinished manuscripts, lightly splashed with seawater, or tears, though it could also be of course spray remains from the saline solution you use for hayfever. So why not first wake up sufficiently before you envision your ship running aground on unseen rocks and leaving you with new wounds that’ll become your latest scars in an ever growing collection? At least give it a go. And Lordy lord, please have some breakfast. If necessary, break open the bones to get at the marrow of your perished crew mates, who ultimately couldn’t cope with the conditions. And go on from there. Bon voyage. And keep drawing trees on the deck, or in the sky with a finger. God bless.

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