Leeches feasted on the calves, it got that muddy down there, only noticing them all in the shower after. Somehow they made their way up your track pants leg. They’re not something you see much where you come from. Much smaller than you would’ve expected. Rather envisioning something you might have seen in the movies, like in that one with the boys out in the wild in search of a dead body. And they went swimming in a water hole and big black bastards got stuck onto them. Anyway, the Leura forest floor was all wet and teeming with the tiniest of activities. More and more you felt as if you were on the mend. Contrast that with the run yesterday along Prince Henry’s walk, stopping at the first step on noticing the loose shoelace. The mist made the scene resemble more a dream. Or at least those dream scenes from movies, for you’ve not had any of that kind yourself that you can recall. You heard footsteps and heard them all the more as you didn’t expect anyone out at such an hour and in such conditions, and so close. It was a tall long haired woman. She excused herself with an accent as she passed. Somewhere Scandanavian, you thought. Soon she was hearing you trot up behind her and made way so you could pass on the path. Thank you, you said, and she smiled. Once you reached Echo Point and started back on the return leg, fantasy started forcing its way in. You pictured the miracle of instant and easy conversation with the woman as you crossed paths again, which inevitably would lead within moments to rampant passion behind some trees and up against an enormous ancient rock. Unfortunately the fantasy then flew off to find someone more suitable to see it through to the end. For reality had reared once again its resolute head. The running and your recently acquired cold had made of your manhood a meeker than usual mouse. An erection seemed eons away. This wouldn’t have happened back at home, but hey, home’s hell at the moment. Maybe it’s just something to do with the altitude then, within and without.

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