You were born red all over, and you’d think that would have taught you lesson enough, but no, you had to go and lord your blessings over your neighbours, just because your home had a very agreeable view, giving you the conviction that no one would ever be able to bring you down to the ground again where the commoners dwell in the dust of constant desire and the current fascination with perpetual digital distraction, while demons hoover up the world’s resources for those who can afford it, and just as long as you and your cronies get your cut you’ll gladly continue to acquiesce with a polished tooth grin, cloaked in your usual illusion of compassion, as your neighbours continue to suffer the consequences of your ever ongoing complicity, greed, and arrogance. Come on, you were born red all over, you can’t see that yet? Repent, repent, you always wondered what they meant.

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