So far her lips have come close to yours just once, the woman in white. Numerous opportunities, so far, have been wasted since then. But let’s not go there now. Came close, yes, but you dared not kiss. For she is not of this world, for starters. When you finally came around that first day, her name lingered behind on the roof of your mouth. Listen, it takes you far longer to fully wake up these days. Solitude, breathing, stretching, tea first. But it doesn’t matter, she’s still there, her name hovering over your tongue, ready to start tapping. Perhaps first get back under the sheet though. Take your tea too, if need be. You need to stay hydrated. No one is here to judge you, right? Start saying the name, slowly, over and over. Yes, you know it, but from where? When you hear later she’s Russian and from the twentieth century, you vow to look her up first chance you get, just as soon as the sheet uncovers your face and the surrounding cell doors come unlocked and open.

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